What’s This All About?

Gain Muscle Smarts is a website that covers what you won’t find easily in other places. The focus is on common-sense, smart, and practical ways to build a healthy body.

We realize that most people don’t have time to build huge muscles, nor do they want to. We also know that most of the information out there is confusing at best; dangerous at worst.

You can get a healthy, good-looking body, and dramatically increase your overall well-being by tweaking a few key factors in your life. In short: getting the body you want, whether it is putting on weight or losing fat, is much easier than you’ve been taught.

We’re against quick-fix solutions, and for small, but ultimately satisfying lifestyle solutions that help you get the body you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and without gimmicks, fads, or pills.

The people behind everything are Tommi and Henri. Two brothers currently living in the cold, snowy lands of Scandinavia. They’re the same, but different, and they both bring their own flavor to the website with their own personal experiences.

All this boils down to interesting and easy-to-implement advice that will change your life, if you are ready for it.

Writer Extraordinaire – Tommi

Tommi was born in the 70s, when bad fashion was in fashion, and muscle building advice centered around made-up science. He completely messed up his body and racked on some injuries as he went through the hoops in the early days.

However, he learned and adapted. He also studied physiotherapy for three years, which taught him even more about how stupid his mistakes were in his late teens and early twenties.

The good news is that he’s still alive and his brain is functioning, at least somewhat. He enjoys chocolate and in-depth research, so he’ll make sure that what is written here at Gain Muscle Smarts is backed by at least something.

Technical Mastermind / Writer – Henri

Henri was born in the late 80s, when bad fashion was even worse than in the 70s and drugs were getting a bad rap. He got into computers at an early age, and is naturally skinny, which means he’s the one taking care of the technical stuff on the site and writing advice on how to gain weight.

He was a professional poker player when he got out of high school, because he doesn’t like working for the man. Now he’s making a living building websites and helping people rock it online.

He enjoys food (even though he’s skinny, weird, right?) and the mysterious side of life, so you’ll probably find him writing a lot about the mental hurdles of getting the body you want.

And that’s all there’s to it. If you want to learn more, and you should, then feel free to dive into the content over at the blog.