How NOT To Build Muscle Without Weights

Are you interested in knowing how NOT to build muscle without weights? Its not hard at all really 😉

Sure you could become a couch-potato, that’s the mainstream solution. Let’s assume for a minute you do exercise and want to find out how to fail whilst training.

Here is a quick checklist to see what not to do if you want to build muscle without weights.

1. Eat Less

Eat like a girlie-man, that is the first and foremost way to get minimal results from your training efforts.

When you exercise and eat too little you will be burning muscle tissue and minimizing any gains. If your body runs out of fuel, muscles are one of the first things to go. Your body prioritizes internal organs like the heart, liver, kidneys, and not your muscles.

You will literally cannibalize muscle tissue to keep yourself alive when you are starving, easy choice for your body. This is the absolute number one way NOT to build muscle without weights.

2. Skip Breakfast Protein

After only 3-4 hours of sleep your body will be running in cannibal mode. There is only so much available surplus proteins circulating after the last meal you had. When these run out you will be in muscle deconstruction mode.

Skipping protein in the mornings is one of the best ways to destroy your muscle. Just keep doing it for a few months and you will effectively ruin much of your progress, especially when combined with the other hot tips for miserable failure on this list.

3. Keep Doing The Same Exercises

When your body has adapted to a certain type of exercise the need to adapt and grow stronger disappears. You’ve become super efficient at it, your system has to spend less and less energy and effort. So if you want the least progress for your efforts, do exactly the same thing for as long as possible with minimal changes.

You can see a lot of people doing this in the gym: they come in, lift the same weights year in and year out, then they wonder why nothing happens.

4. Train Your Favorite Body Part

This is a great way to avoid making any muscle gains. Many beginners only train their chest because they want a bigger chest. This is a great way to not make progress. Sooner or later you have to throw in other exercises if you want to look good.

Ignoring large and hard movements and balanced strength will create weak links in your musculature that will force your body to limit progress to avoid injury. A very good way to NOT build muscle.

5. Never Sleep

When you want to fail spectacularly to build muscle without weights sleep deprivation will help a lot. It will throw off your immune system, hormonal responses, and focus. That means you wont recover the way you should.

The lowered immune response allows you to catch every virus and illness you come across. Loss of mental focus makes it very likely your co-ordination will be off and you will injure yourself. If you get sick, injure yourself and wreck your metabolism, you are one step closer to skinny-ville.

6. Avoid Protein Altogether

Since muscle is made of protein, this is the main nutrient needed to keep your muscles happy, so naturally you should avoid it like the plague.

Reduce the amount of protein you eat to well below the 50-60g RDA recommendation if you want to minimize any gains from your training. Just eat rice, sugar and corn flakes all day.

7. Do More Cardio

Cardio is great for consuming muscle tissue. When you combine low protein and low calorie intake with more than 40min of cardio a day you can shrink away your muscles real quick.

There are even studies showing that the oxidative damage from overdoing cardio has adverse effects on your health, but here’s an even better example straight from the history books.

The legend of marathon, the soldier, Pheidippides, who ran from the town of Athens to Sparta (and back) with news of their victory, he then died right after reaching his destination.

He ran almost 300 miles, that damaged his muscles cells, caused dehydration and electrolyte imbalance , he dropped dead minutes after his heroic run.. Death is the ultimate way to fail at building muscle, permanently.

Cardio is O.K by the way. especially when done interval style, that allows you to replenish oxygen and reduce damage. Long term, long-distance running is not recommended, unless you want to end up like our friend Pheidippides.

Want To Keep Failing And Wasting Your Efforts?

So many people are training hard while they waste that effort by making the above mistakes.

Do you want to stay weak and puny and waste your time and energy? Then you know exactly what to do.

If, however, you want to make fast progress, improve your health, and get a great looking body, you have this website as your guide.

We can only show you the door.

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