Is It Possible to Gain Muscle While Losing Fat?

by Tommi on December 22, 2010

If you have a few extra pounds of body fat I am sure you’ve been told to diet first and then gain muscle.  Would you like to know how to transform that fat straight into rock-solid muscle mass?

The accepted truth seems to say that it is impossible. Lower calories means you can’t build muscle, right?

Turns out it’s not true at all.

So what’s the answer? Can you really turn fat into muscle?

Keep reading and I’ll tell you how.

The Police And Some Scientists In Lab Coats Have The Answer

It seems that some doughnut eating police officers had some trouble fitting into their patrol cars, so they teamed up with some scientists. The goal was to put them on a diet and help them lose fat, or at least get into their squad cars again.

They had three groups.

One group ate a healthy diet, while the other two ate a healthy diet PLUS added weight training and a protein supplement.

After 12 weeks when they finished the study the results were in.

At a first glance it doesn’t seem like much, they all lost about 6 pounds of body weight.

When they started to look little bit closer it got very interesting.

Weight Training And Protein Supplementation Doubles The Rate Of Fat Loss

When the scientists measured the amount of actual fat lost they found that the protein and weight training group had lost more than double the amount of fat, and gained muscle in the process

The diet only group lost about 5.5 pounds of body fat, the two protein and training groups lost 9.2 pounds and 15.4 pounds. Major difference, wouldn’t you say?

Seems like we can gain muscle while on a low-calorie diet.

How Much Muscle Can You Gain While On A Diet?

You can probably guess that the diet only group gained or lost no muscle mass, so a 20% reduction in calories will not cause too much muscle loss. Good to know.

Now the two strength training and protein groups actually gained 4.4 pounds and 8.8 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks. And yes, they even got stronger. One group increased their strength by 29% and the other by 59%.

You might be asking yourself, how come the other group had twice the muscle and strength gains?  That’s because they ate a different kind of protein powder.

What Kind of Protein And How Much?

The protein that had the better results was actually the cheaper one.

Yes that’s right; the super popular and more expensive whey protein powder performed only half as well.

If you want to transform fat into rock-solid muscle, regular milk protein (casein) is the way to go.

Just five or six scoops of casein powder a day coupled with weight training allowed these police officers to gain up to 8.8 pounds of muscle and lose 15.4 pounds of fat in just 12 weeks, and hopefully get back into their cars again 😉

Just Go Ahead And Transform That Fat Into Glorious Muscle

The amount of protein they used in this study was your body weight in pounds times 0.7. If you weigh 200 pounds that means 140g of extra protein a day.

If doughnut eating police officers can do it so can you.  Get into the gym regularly, cut your calories by 20% and eat your casein protein powder and you will get results.

If you want to supercharge your fat loss and muscle gains my suggestion is to follow a low-carb diet, these have been proven beyond any doubt to burn fat and preserve muscle mass while keeping you healthy.

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