How to Lose Belly Fat – It’s Not Even Close to What You Think

Learning how to lose belly fat is a tricky subject, because like we mentioned in our article about how to burn fat, it all comes down to what you eat, how you move, and especially how well you rest.

How to lose belly fat is not just a question about diet as you will soon see. Fat bellies are epidemic almost all over the world, but primarily in the western countries. Through research and experience I’ve discovered a few simple factors that make all the difference in losing belly fat.

For the longest time you’ve been told to exercise more, diet harder, and take fat burning pills that cost way more than they should. This is actually counterproductive and extremely harmful to your health.

I will give you a long-term solution that not only shows you how to lose belly fat, but also improves your health, well-being, and life.  Sounds a lot more appealing than starving and suffering wouldn’t you agree?

What is required is not a temporary diet that you can go on, but a lifestyle change. That may not vibe with most people, but that’s the truth. If you want to go back to wondering how to lose belly fat but are unwilling to commit to living a healthier life, then you should stop reading now.

The 4 Keys of How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

1. Food.

The basics remain the same. When you eat healthy whole foods and vegetables, you will get the nutrition you need. Without it you will experience cravings from hell on a regular basis, turning into a junk food goblin is not how to lose belly fat, that’s for sure.  Staying away from excess carbohydrates is the most important step, do that and expect jaw-dropping results.

2. Exercise.

If you read our article on burning fat you will know why weight training is bar-none the most effective way to start dropping those extra pounds and getting rid of that gut. Add moderate amounts of cardiovascular exercise and develop a phobia for unnecessary bus and elevator rides. Walk to wherever you are going, aim for a minimum of 20-30min of moderate speed strolling, or more, if you’re up for the challenge.

3. Rest.

This is more critical than you first might suspect. Are you telling yourself you can get by on 6 hours of sleep per night, still make the same gains, and clear that pot belly?

We repair, recover, and make gains from training when we sleep. Take care of your body’s basic needs if you want to keep losing fat and stay fit and healthy. No less than 8 hours of solid uninterrupted sleep. If you are having problems with sleep or stressing too much get it handled ASAP.

4. Patience.

If you’re interested in learning how to lose belly fat, you have to learn patience. Being in a hurry will get you nowhere. I wish it weren’t so, but alas, it is so.

Follow the rules of healthy living and slowly cut those calories and increase energy expenditure and you will get there. Stressing out about the issue will make it physiologically near impossible. Read more about this below.

Doing Ab Exercises Is Not the Secret to a Flat Stomach

Anyone telling you to buy an abs-belt or another gadget that promises a six-pack within weeks is lying right to your face, so how about we kill this myth once and for all?

Spot reducing (burning fat in a particular area on your body) doesn’t work without resorting to extreme, invasive and dangerous methods. For your safety I will leave it at that for now.

The truth is that we can get a flatter stomach quickly by doing exercises such as the legendary and mostly forgotten vacuum exercise to tighten musculature around the waist.  Still, not even that spot burns any fat.

So what is the solution then, how to lose belly fat?

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Fast And Easy? Learn To De-Stress

This may sound weird, and it might be because it is weird, but hear me out.

When you drop your stress levels the blubber will begin to melt away like an ice cream on a hot summer day. You don’t have to go all new-age just to get rid of those last bits of annoying fat, but you may want to consider rethinking your methods.

Learn how to calm your mind, give your worries a rest, skip that afternoon coffee, and do a quick relaxation ritual once or several times a day. All of these are designed to relax and de-stress your body, mind, and soul.

What good is that you may ask?

It gives you a flatter stomach, because when your body is stressed, it holds on to fat like a small child clinging to a toy when you’re trying to take it away from him/her.

De-stressing can be as simple as a peaceful walk, or as new-agey as a meditation with headphones on with flowery music and restful beats.

If You’re Not Fat and Still Have Belly Fat, Read This

If you think getting more extreme with your diet and exercise will help, you are dead wrong. Adding stress in the form of low calorie diet, hard exercise and stimulants make it near impossible to get rid of your gut and love handles.

The secret is the body’s reaction to stress and the hormone cortisol. The higher your stress, the higher the evil hormone cortisol is in your body.

The stomach area reacts strongly to excess cortisol. It triggers creation of new fat cells and enlarges the ones already there. Combine that with massive cravings boosts for sugary and fatty meals when cortisol hits the brain. Fat city here we come.

Excess cortisol is also responsible for breaking down your muscles for emergency energy, plain and simple you are getting permanently screwed.

Stopping this insane spiral is easy; follow the steps mentioned above, take time out to relax, and use common sense.

If you don’t trust your common sense, we have more articles in store for you, so enjoy! 😉

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