Is Spot Reduction Of Fat A Myth?

by Tommi on February 8, 2011

Is Spot Reduction a Myth?Getting rid of fat from your love handles, belly and butt is something you’d love to do. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

Those are the hardest areas to burn off fat. Love handles and belly fat is the scourge of most dieters.

No matter how hard you diet and exercise the fat stays right there. Some people finally give up and go for liposuction.

Spot burning fat has been thought to be a myth because of hyped up TV shop products.

They promise you washboard 6-pack abs as long as you use their magical vibrating ultra products.

So is there any truth behind the hype, can spot burning fat from problem areas be done?

Before I get into how to make make it work you need to find out why the fat ends up there in the first place.

Why Does Fat Gather on Your Belly, Back and Butt?

These areas have lower blood circulation and because of that are colder. That is what all these quirky TV-shop products are trying to take care of, increasing circulation with heat, vibration and muscle contractions.

When the fat is warm and has better circulation you can melt it away much faster. There’s only one thing you aren’t being told: it wont work by itself, you cant get a six pack without food and lifestyle changes.

Another very important factor, the stress hormone cortisol makes the fat cells in the problem areas unable to shrink.

You must minimize your stress response for optimal fat loss.

The Secret Of Making Spot Burning Work

Before you use the tips in this article you need to be in fat burning mode. These tips are the last little tweaker to help you burn that blubber off your body. No matter what magical promises the TV commercials make.

If you are eating too much and increasing circulation, the food you just ate will have an easier time getting into your gut and butt. Not what you want.

Before you use any of these tips n gadgets, make sure you are eating slightly less calories than you use.

I strongly recommend a low-carb diet for optimal fat burning and health.

When you’re eating the right kinds of foods in the right amounts, you’ll be melting the fat off your body, and only then can you do a few things to boost your fat loss even more.

How To Release Fat From Problem Areas

Poor circulation is the enemy when it comes to fat loss.

This is where you can boost your results. When you increase circulation in the problem area with heat, motion or vibration the fat has an easier time being released into your bloodstream.

Be warned, this is the tip of the iceberg, it is not the magical one off solution to six pack abs.

3 Methods Of Spot Reducing Fat

If you’ve got your diet and exercise routine in place, then the below steps will help get rid of that last bit of fat on your body.

Ignoring diet and exercise never works, so make sure those are in place first.

All good? Let’s proceed.

1. Heat

Heat opens up the capillaries in the fat. If your don’t have enough circulation there it doesn’t matter if your diet and exercise is perfect, the fat cant travel to muscles and organs to be burned.

Add heat by wearing a thick jumper for your morning workout. What I do is tuck a blanket around my stomach to keep it warm while exercising. Or buy a gimmicky sauna belt from TV-shop, just be careful, that gadget can burn you and may be difficult to wear while exercising..

2. Use Surrounding Muscles

Doing a high repetition of abdominal crunches will increase the circulation in your whole stomach, so if you want to burn fat off of your lower stomach, doing crunches may be a good idea.

Now, like I said above, this isn’t going to magically get your abs showing, but it may just help.

3. Timing

First thing in the morning is the absolutely best time to do a fat-burning workout. Your body will use any released fatty acids.

To get active and motivated you could pop a few fat burner capsules and a cup of coffee to get your metabolism rocking. This will wake you up and cause fat cells to release their load thanks to the buzz from the coffee and other stimulants.

Wrap Up

Now you know a little bit more about spot reduction. For years it was considered a myth, but it seems there is something to it after all.

For almost my whole life, I thought it was B.S. But as a true scientists, I am open to anything, and if it seems to work, I’m more than ready to try it out.

So reduce your carb intake, eat healthy foods, reduce calories, and keep your fat warm.

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