Essential Tips for Strength Training at Home Without Any Equipment

Whatever the reason may be for wanting to do strength training at home, it’s quite easy.

You might think you need lots of expensive equipment.  You’ll be surprised at how little it actually takes to get going.

If you want to get a professional gym for strength training at home the only thing needed is space and lots of cash., but that’s not what this article is about.

As you keep reading you will find out how easily you can get started.  The most important thing to know is how you adjust the difficulty of the exercises.

There is one group of muscles that are very difficult to reach when strength training at home.

At the end of this article you’ll find out how to train this important muscle group with equipment costing Less than a dollar.

How To Start Strength Training At Home

There really isn’t any need to buy equipment.  You can get incredible results by using your bodyweight. A few core exercises will take care of most muscles in your body.

The biggest problem you face when doing strength training at home with body weight exercises is making them easier or harder.

What you need to figure out when you’re doing an exercise is how to shift your bodyweight into it.

Let’s take the regular push-up as an example.  If you stand up and do the push-up against the wall you’ll find it’s pretty easy.

When you start leaning forward, perhaps doing the push-up with your hands on a bench or chair, it gets tougher doesn’t it?

You’re shifting more and more bodyweight into the exercise.

Now, if that’s not enough for you, put your feet on the table and do the push-up, still feel like Superman? Then do it with one hand.

You really can make strength training at home incredibly easy or hard by adjusting your bodyweight.

Strength Training At Home – The 3 Most Important Groups of Exercises

If you’re not quite sure which exercises to start with, here is a couple to get you going.

These three basic exercises will work most of your musculature. It’s the perfect place to start your strength training at home.

Remember, keep it controlled and stable, no bouncing or rocking.

1. The Push-Up is the classic for good reason. It works your shoulders, chest, triceps, and abdominals. You can do it in a couple of different ways, and like I mentioned above, you can shift your bodyweight to make it harder, or easier.

2. The Squats. These will work your legs and butt. Start with the normal full squat with both legs on the ground. To add a bit of difficulty, do a lunge, step forward and come up. The further out you step the harder it is.

3. The Butt Lift. This will work your butt muscles, hamstring and back muscles. Start flat on your back with legs bent. Lift your butt off the floor. The further away your feet are from your body, the harder it gets. If it feels too easy do it with one leg. If it’s still too easy, do a bridge, hands next to your head, legs bent, push yourself up into a bridge.

Now that you know how to do these basic exercises, there is one important thing that is missing. None of these exercises cover how to do strength training at home for muscles of the upper back. This also includes the biceps.

The Missing Link

The largest portions of your back muscles and biceps are trained through doing a pulling motion.

There are only two ways to do that, you either grab something and pull yourself into it, or have something to pull towards you.

The cheapest and easiest way to do strength training at home for your back and biceps is to buy or find a piece of rope.

Don’t try and attach it to some random hook in the ceiling, unless it specifically made for punching bags or something equally heavy, it just won’t hold. No point in killing yourself just because you want to do strength training at home.

The most secure way is to attach the rope to a door, make a knot on both ends of the rope, put the knots over on open door and close it. Now you have a nice loop of rope to hold on to that is securely attached to the door.

With the right length of rope you can now lay down on the floor with your feet against the door. Grab the rope, keep your body straight and pull yourself up. This will work your back muscles.

If it’s too easy, try using only one hand.

If you want to go high-tech, spend $50 on a TV shop rubber band workout gadget. Then you won’t have to worry about anyone opening the door when you’re working out.

Strength Training At Home is a Piece of Cake

Now you know how easily you can get started with strength training at home.  No need to buy an expensive home equipment or drive to a faraway gym.

Follow this advice and you can train anywhere at any time. No more excuses.

You have your basic exercises that you can start with; those will take you a long way.

And if you want to, you can buy a few handy pieces of equipment to make strength training at home even easier.

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