Strength Training for Beginners: Don’t Lift Another Weight Until You Read This

If you don’t know what you’re doing before stepping into the gym, you could easily injure yourself.

If everything goes well, you might just embarrass yourself a little bit by breaking gym etiquette.

That’s why this article on strength training for beginners is essential reading.

When you keep reading you’ll find out how to get started safely, effectively and how to behave in the gym. We will also cover what you can expect to experience after the first few times in the gym.

This is an exciting time that most experienced trainers look at with envy because you will get incredibly rapid progress in the first months of training as a beginner.

At the end of the article I will explain why it’s actually dangerous to make this rapid a progress. If you don’t know why this is you may end up crippling yourself with injuries.

What You Need To Know Before Stepping Into The Gym

Here is a quick checklist. If none of these points ring a bell, you are ready to go. If any of these raise a question in your mind keep reading:

  • Any major injuries to consider?
  • Do you know how to warm up?
  • Do you know how to behave in the gym?
  • Do you have a ready-made program to follow?
  • Do you know how to do those exercises safely and effectively?

Major Previous Injuries, What To Do About Them

Strength training for beginners is easy, but you need to be reasonably healthy and injury free.

If you’ve had any major injuries, including surgery or other serious health issues, talk to your doctor and physical therapist first.  They can give you safe limits and workarounds for exercises so you can get going.

For any other issues, just start out slowly. If an exercise aggravates your problem, you will need to see a professional to figure out if it’s ok to continue.

This is well worth that money and the time it takes for an appointment. If you stubbornly charge ahead, you may end up with an injury that will take months and possibly years to heal. Please for your own sake, get advice.

Do You Need To Warm Up Before You Lift Weights?

Yes, this is a must, but surprisingly enough, not as much as people think.

Many beginners (and even experts) believe you need to do half an hour of cardio, not true at all. Actually doing too much will burn up your energy and the focus you need for your strength training.

5 to 10 minutes on the treadmill, cross trainer or stair climber is enough. If you live in an extremely cold climate or need a general warm-up, just keep going until you feel warm.

Avoid Injury, Have A Warm-up Before Every Major Lift

It’s important that you work up to your desired weight slowly.

Start with a much smaller weight than you’re going to use in the end. This prepares your body for the movement.

If you’re going for a very heavy lift, work up to it slowly, do one or two repetitions with smaller weights  as you slowly build up to it.

This way you will avoid injury, your body is always prepared and warmed up for exactly the kind of movement you are doing.

Gym Etiquette, How Do You Behave In The Gym?

When comes to strength training for beginners this is an important area to cover. I’m sure you have been hesitant to step into the gym, because it is unknown territory.

It’s really quite easy and very common sense. Here is a quick list of things to keep in mind to avoid unnecessary embarrassment or misunderstandings if you are a beginner.

  • Keep a small towel with you at all times, wipe your sweat off the equipment when you’re done. Or you can lay the towel on the bench beforehand so it stays clean.
  • Put back all the weights back after you’re done. Yes, even if the person before, you didn’t.
  • Do not sit and rest on a popular piece of equipment, if someone is waiting offer to share it while you rest.
  • Serious lifters do not take kindly to idle chitchat whilst they’re working out. If you have questions or just wish to talk, do it after they’ve finished.

How To Decide What Kind Of Training Program You Start With

As this is strength training for beginners, you are going to make progress with almost any kind of exercise program.

The most important thing in strength training as a beginner is to get your body used to doing the exercises and staying injury free.

At this point, it really isn’t important to start on a complex program.  Those are designed for experienced athletes. Their bodies are already so used to the exercises they need to change things around to get results.

Strength training for beginners is simple; as long as you do one exercise for all major body parts you will make rapid progress.

After a few months when your progress starts slowing down you need to consider getting a different kind of training program.

What You Can Expect To Experience The First Few Times In The Gym

Since you’re a complete beginner to this, everything will feel somewhat awkward the first times. It’s like learning how to ride a bicycle. It will be a bit wobbly in the beginning.

Make sure you start with small enough weights the first 2-3 times you workout, stay around 60% of what you could do,  just learn the movements. This way, you’ll avoid crippling muscle soreness and possible injury.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your strength increases and exercise become comfortable.

Strength Training For Beginners, The Euphoric Dangers

Before starting any kind of exercise you should know this or risk crippling yourself with injuries

I for one get a rush from having fast improvements and want to push the edge.

This has led to countless injuries, please do it smarter than I have in the past. Learn from my mistakes. This is the most important advice I can give, strength training for beginners has its risks.

Why Fast Progress In Strength Training Is Dangerous

Why was I injured?  Because muscles get stronger faster than your connective tissue: your joints and ligaments.

That’s why most people get injuries when they start jogging, they can quickly go on longer and longer but after 2-3 weeks, they suddenly get shin splints.

The same happens here, the amount of time it takes for joints and connective tissues to get stronger is double that of muscles.

You will be able to lift much bigger weights than your joints and ligaments can handle after only a couple of weeks.  Keep away from the big maximum lifts, do them only once in a while. If you try and test yourself or show off you will pay the price.

Please don’t go crazy like I used to, let your joints and ligaments catch up. This way you’ll avoid injury and keep improving. Nothing is worse than being injured, especially when you’re just starting out.

Time To Step Into The Gym

Now that you understand the basics of strength training for beginners, it’s time to act.

Put this information to good use, you’ll avoid injuries and get the fast progress you deserve.

The gym is a place like any, it has its basic rules and you know them now. So you can comfortably just get in the gym and get started.

Just make sure you remember, if you have any major injuries or medical problems see a professional first.

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